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Varooma has got to be the cheapest logbook loan provider in the UK. They check rates everyday making sure that they can offer the lowest interest rates to their clients. Of course you still should not expect very low interest rates as logbook loans are designed to have higher than usual rates. Another thing you should carefully consider is reviewing the terms of the loan, as there may be quite a bit of information there they do not disclose to you verbally. The best asset Varooma has is the service, which is fast, friendly and efficient.

Now for those of you interested in their service, here is a quick run through of their requirements:

-          No outstanding financing on your vehicle

-          V5 document must be under the applicant’s name

-          The vehicle must be taxed, insured and has MOT certificate

-          Vehicle must not be older than 10 years old

-          You are of legal age and with regular income

There might be some other requirements that may be needed on a case to case basis but generally, if you have all the requirements and the documents in order, Varooma gives you the money within the day, sometimes even within the hour.

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