V5 Loans LTD

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Seeing an example representative APR of 498% in their website, V5 Loans Ltd is sure to be one of the most expensive logbook loan providers in the UK. This company is London based and people from England and Wales can borrow money from them. You can borrow from 500 pounds to 20,000 pounds and pay it back up to 78 weeks. They have the same day processing so you can expect fast cash as well. Since there is no mention on whether they do have early repayment charges or administration fees, it’s best to make sure you ask them about these if you decide to go for this company.

What sets V5 Loans Ltd apart is that they accept vehicles that are still under financing, albeit should almost be done. Most logbook loan companies ensure that you should have already paid off your car’s financing but V5 Loans Ltd will accept your car if there is very little financing left. Apart from that though, you cannot find many independent reviews about this lender.

Their criteria are pretty much the same as other logbook loan companies. You must be residing in Wales or England, at least 18 years old with a car that is not older than 10 years and your car’s logbook should be valid, with insurance and MOT.

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