Hermes Property Services

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You can borrow form 400 to 50,000 pounds from Hermes Property Services with up to 48 months to pay it back. However, their APR is a bit high compared to other logbook loan companies. They do accept cars that have little financing left and they don’t charge early repayment fees.

There’s a bit of controversy going on with Hermes Property Services though since it actually took over Logbook Loans Ltd who lost their CC license. Since they are still in business since the take over, it seems that they have straightened out everything and is trying their best not to break any rules again.

Expect the same qualifications as with other logbook loan providers but what’s good about this company is that they serve all of UK. You can check out their website for the nearest branch or just drop them a message so they can call you back. They also have the same day processing and friendly service as well. I personally do not have any experience with them nor do I know of any friends who do and it looks like that a lot of consumers are still under the impression that they are still operating like the dodgy company that existed before, Hermes still have a lot of work to do to turn their reputation around. They offer fast cash indeed but the APR is not as appealing as you want it to be so personally, I would go for some other logbook loan company instead.

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