Gissacar is one of the few logbook loan companies that have representative APRs below 300%. There is no processing or administrative fees, processing is fast and you can borrow up to 8,000 pounds. The car needs to be not a day older than 9 years old when you go apply but if depending on the current condition and value of your car, which is over 9 years old, they may reconsider. You can choose to pay weekly or monthly with a maximum term of 78 weeks. You can apply online or via SMS. A proof of income is required to be approved but like any other logbook loans, there are no credit checks necessary. If you don’t intend to borrow much, since the maximum amount is only 8,000 pounds, Gissacar is a great choice because of the low interest rate. 

Logbook Loans 247

Logbook Loans 247 is another one with good reviews. The service is great, the staff is friendly, and the payout is fast. Of course the rates are stull a bit high as expected but for a logbook loan, this company may be a pretty good choice because it has the lowest representative APR I have found so far. Logbook Loans 247 is straightforward and the customer service is great. They don’t charge early repayment fees. This company offers everything that is good about a logbook loan. Needless to say, you should still carefully read and understand the terms so you don’t find surprises here and there.

This company’s customer service is outstanding and they understand your need for a logbook loan. Unlike many companies like this, 247 do not sound like a loan shark. You can borrow up to 50,000 pounds depending on your car’s value and the requirements are the same as the others. You have to be over 18 years of age, you own the car without any financing and you are a UK resident. You can apply online and they will arrange a convenient time for you so they can check your car and your requirements and then you can drive away with the cash. No fuss with this company and again, the interest rate is pretty reasonable.

Mobile Money

This logbook loan company has a long-standing history, lending money since 1998. You can borrow up to 25,000 pounds and pay it back up to 18 months. There is no early repayment fee but there is an admin fee of about 30 pounds. The APR is higher than others but could very well fall in the average when compared to other logbook loan companies in general. They have the same qualifications and only accept cars with no financing left on it.

From my research, there seems to be a mix of reviews with Mobile Money. It could very well be dependent on the branch you go to. First of all, their rates, like I stated earlier are not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. You should be very well aware that logbook loan APRs are generally higher than some other types of personal loans because there are no credit checks and most people who choose to go for logbook loans are the ones who have had their credits tarnished for some unfortunate reasons. No offense here, I am just stating a reality. Since this is the case, the lenders then think they have more risks lending money to people with bad credit so they try to make up for it by charging very high interest rates.

Now going back to Mobile Money, the problem seems to be their service. Many are complaining about how unaccommodating they are when there are problems with the repayments. There seems to be quite a bit of complaints about how adamant they are for you to make a payment the day after you miss your due date. The terms they have are okay and the speed of payout is excellent but if you think you’re going to need some flexibility for the repayments, you might want to go elsewhere instead. Just saying.

Hermes Property Services

You can borrow form 400 to 50,000 pounds from Hermes Property Services with up to 48 months to pay it back. However, their APR is a bit high compared to other logbook loan companies. They do accept cars that have little financing left and they don’t charge early repayment fees.

There’s a bit of controversy going on with Hermes Property Services though since it actually took over Logbook Loans Ltd who lost their CC license. Since they are still in business since the take over, it seems that they have straightened out everything and is trying their best not to break any rules again.

Expect the same qualifications as with other logbook loan providers but what’s good about this company is that they serve all of UK. You can check out their website for the nearest branch or just drop them a message so they can call you back. They also have the same day processing and friendly service as well. I personally do not have any experience with them nor do I know of any friends who do and it looks like that a lot of consumers are still under the impression that they are still operating like the dodgy company that existed before, Hermes still have a lot of work to do to turn their reputation around. They offer fast cash indeed but the APR is not as appealing as you want it to be so personally, I would go for some other logbook loan company instead.


CarCashPoint is one of the top logbook loan companies receiving great reviews from borrowers. Their rates are okay, which are already considered low as well compared to other logbook loan companies. This car loan provider has a Consumer Credit License that is up to date. According to my research, the company has actively backed up the Consumer Credit Trade Association’s code of practice and was one of the first logbook loan companies that signed the agreement. With that being said, you can expect that they do care about the borrowers, making sure the loan is appropriate and affordable. This is one of the few logbook loan companies that actually try to explain as much about the terms as they possibly can to the borrower to avoid any future confusion. Since there are thousands of people who fall victim to undisclosed terms, full disclosure is a valuable asset that CarCashPoint can be proud of. Another plus for this company is that they do not charge any early repayment fees so if you do decide to pay off your loan early or have extra cash you could put into the loan, you won’t be surprised of ridiculous high charges for doing do.

They also process everything fast and efficiently. The basic requirements are as follows:

-          Must be UK resident of at least 18 years

-          Must be living in Wales or England

-          Car is free from financing

-          Vehicle is less than 10 years old

You can visit their website if you want to find out more about their requirements.


Varooma has got to be the cheapest logbook loan provider in the UK. They check rates everyday making sure that they can offer the lowest interest rates to their clients. Of course you still should not expect very low interest rates as logbook loans are designed to have higher than usual rates. Another thing you should carefully consider is reviewing the terms of the loan, as there may be quite a bit of information there they do not disclose to you verbally. The best asset Varooma has is the service, which is fast, friendly and efficient.

Now for those of you interested in their service, here is a quick run through of their requirements:

-          No outstanding financing on your vehicle

-          V5 document must be under the applicant’s name

-          The vehicle must be taxed, insured and has MOT certificate

-          Vehicle must not be older than 10 years old

-          You are of legal age and with regular income

There might be some other requirements that may be needed on a case to case basis but generally, if you have all the requirements and the documents in order, Varooma gives you the money within the day, sometimes even within the hour.