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CarCashPoint is one of the top logbook loan companies receiving great reviews from borrowers. Their rates are okay, which are already considered low as well compared to other logbook loan companies. This car loan provider has a Consumer Credit License that is up to date. According to my research, the company has actively backed up the Consumer Credit Trade Association’s code of practice and was one of the first logbook loan companies that signed the agreement. With that being said, you can expect that they do care about the borrowers, making sure the loan is appropriate and affordable. This is one of the few logbook loan companies that actually try to explain as much about the terms as they possibly can to the borrower to avoid any future confusion. Since there are thousands of people who fall victim to undisclosed terms, full disclosure is a valuable asset that CarCashPoint can be proud of. Another plus for this company is that they do not charge any early repayment fees so if you do decide to pay off your loan early or have extra cash you could put into the loan, you won’t be surprised of ridiculous high charges for doing do.

They also process everything fast and efficiently. The basic requirements are as follows:

-          Must be UK resident of at least 18 years

-          Must be living in Wales or England

-          Car is free from financing

-          Vehicle is less than 10 years old

You can visit their website if you want to find out more about their requirements.

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